1983 Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari F50 at Symbolic Motors

Lamborghini Countach Banner

Today after Cbad Cars I headed to Symbolic Motors’ Cars & Coffee event in Sorrento Valley. I had the opportunity to photograph a 1983 Lamborghini Countach as well as a Ferrari F50. This is a teaser…

I’m busy processing all of the images from the Symbolic Motor Company Cars and Coffee event today. The two star cars of the event were both red and both are here. A pristine 1983 Lamborghini Countach, which is most likely the same car I photographed last year at Cars and Coffee Irvine. There aren’t very many of these things on the road, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same one.

1983 Lamborghini Countach

The other star was a Ferrari F50. At this point I consider the F50 more rare to see than a Ferrari F40 or Enzo – Given I’ve photographed those on multiple occasions. Admittedly, it’s the first time I see an F50 in the flesh. It’s a beast of a car, and a bit of a mash-up between its predecessor and other Ferrari models of the time. Tell me the front grille doesn’t look like that of a 512M or a F355. Hint, both of those are from 1995 and the F50 is from 1996.

Ferrari F50

But I’ll leave you with these couple of teasers shots for now. Keep an eye out tomorrow for the full feature from the event. I’m busy processing them, but there are more great pictures of both of these cars. Additionally, there are photos from the rest of the show including some pics from inside the Symbolic Motors restoration facility. Nice surprises in there. Until then…

Update: Click for the full story from the Symbolic Motors Cars and Coffee event.

For photos from the Symbolic Spring event with the Maserati MC12 go here.

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