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Bespoke Car Wrap Livery Designs

RallyWay designs custom racing car wrap liveries for any car. Show vehicle, track toy or race car.

RallyWays offers bespoke car livery design services for car wraps. Our car liveries are designed to order, following a survey detailing the type of design, colors and theme you have in mind. Our car wrap designs are original and created to fit your specific car.

We design your car wrap to be precisely what you have in mind. It can be a simple and elegant creation for a street show car, or a full blown and eye-catching livery for a race car. Our designs are usually aimed at full color single-layer printed wraps. However, if the design you have in mind requires layering, we can conceptualize the artwork for you as a guide for your installer. We can even prepare racing numbers and other graphics to be cut and applied over the wrap.

Danny Cruz’s car wrap livery design catalog usually consists of liveries for exotic cars. The portfolio includes many designs printed and installed for McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche. That said, we’ve done Corvettes, Camaros and luxury SUVs and trucks. Given Porsche represents some of the most raced performance cars out there, RallyWays has created an ample amount of liveries for 911 GT3, 911 GT3 RS, Cayman and more. Our wrap designs have been featured at SEMA Show and countless other car shows across the country. Not to mention, our livery designs have graced tracks like Auto Club Speedway, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Willow Springs and Road Atlanta. Sanctioned events include Global Time Attack and many SCCA, PCA and POC HPDE track days and autocross.

RallyWays knows how to design a racing livery to be installed as a car wrap. You can’t just put a design over a car template and call it done. It might look great on a screen, but it isn’t practical. It cannot be produced and installed like this. Any design done in that way needs to be redesigned for production. This includes print and installation. At RallyWays, we know what needs to be done and all the specs to be followed in order to print and install a car livery.

We don’t do installations. Our job is to conceptualize and design your car livery and recommend a printer that works on car wrap vinyl if you don’t have one already. RallyWays works extensively with KI Studios for prints and Protective Film Solutions for installation of car wrap liveries. We know how these are installed and we have the experience to design the liveries as such. There are dozens of specs and rules that need to be followed in regards to sizing, resolution, bleeds, waste and handling. There are important constraints and parameters that we have to abide to in order to be able to have the design printed. It’s printed in a specific number of parts and separate panels. It isn’t just a single print. We can also advise you on whether to go with gloss or matte lamination depending on the design.

Porsche Taycan Turbo Bespoke RallyWays Livery Design

In terms of production and installation, the print and design need to account for overlap, alignment, stretch and 3D shaping. Not all cars are the same. Some need more panels printed, or a certain amount of overlap. Some need specific sizing for larger hoods, or a way to connect the roof to the rear hatch. Some cars need prints for sideview mirrors, or wings. The process of designing a car wrap livery for real world installation needs an experienced designer. If you haven’t designed a livery before, you might have a cool idea on paper, but it will have to be redesigned for actual real world production. We even have certain parameters in place to aid in longevity for track cars. For example, track cars and race cars need panel replacements often. We design livery panels in such a way to make bumper replacements easier to reprint and install.

How Does It Work?

To begin a project we will ask you just a few questions about the design you have in mind to ensure we are on the right track. You can choose to have just one design made, or have two concept designs made so that you can then choose one for production. Once the design invoice is paid we will send you a survey to fill out so that we can gather enough details of what the design should look like. We may request sample photos of wraps you like from the internet. We will then prepare your design and you will have two opportunities for revisions of the design, to finalize it for production. Turnaround time from deposit and survey to complete design is about a week.

Once the design is ready we can recommend a printer that will then produce the print to be shipped to you. Please note that printing, shipping and installation are not billed by us and are not part of the livery design price. Those are third party costs and can vary.

The design will include a 2D rendering document showing the design on the various sides of the car. If the design is an overlaid wrap, or also needs vector logos or parts, we will provide those for your local installer to do manually. Most of the car liveries we design are for full color printing, but we do conceptualize layered vinyl wraps often.

The 2D design rendering will be a flat image. We are happy to provide you with the official final print-ready files, as they are yours and are included with your purchase. However, please note, due to intellectual property requirements, we DO NOT provide our layered or vector template files.

RallyWays Racing Livery Design Ford Fiesta ST
Nissan GT-R R35 Car Wrap Racing Livery Design by RallyWays
Nissan GT-R Global Time Attack Car Livery Wrap Design
Road Atlanta Global Time Attack Car Racing Livery Design
PFS Danny DDE Porsche 991 GT3 RS Splatter Livery Designed by RallyWays