SEMA Show 2013 Day 1 Photos

SEMA 2013 Day 1 Photos Cover

Well here we are, at SEMA 2013. Let’s cut to the chase and start this off with what you really want to see.. SEMA Show 2013 Day 1 Photos.

This is RallyWays’ first year at SEMA, but I’m not new to trade shows. Admittedly, this is one of the coolest tradeshows you could ever attend. Of course, this show is not about tiles, medicine or comic books. It’s cars! And lots and lots of car parts. There is so much to see, so thankfully we are here early.

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Let’s look at some of the featured cars first. We’ll leave parts and what not for future posts. Might as well start with the best part of SEMA.

Gulf Gasoline Ford Focus ST

Bondurant Racing School C7 Corvette

The vast array of amazing cars is absolutely shocking really. One’s things for sure… Walking around the show you realize the new C7 Corvette is the new FRS. Yep. Last year, builders were going nuts building every Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ variation imaginable, SEMA 2013 has C7 Corvettes for every taste.

Wrapped C7 Corvette Tail

Take aChevy Camaro Display SEMA 2013 look under a Camaro.

Take a look under a Camaro.

SEMA Show 2013 started off with the New Product Awards Breakfast for special invitees. It was a great start to Day 1 with great food, awards and a keynote speech by Jessi Combs.

New Product Awards Breakfast
New Product Awards Breakfast

Immediately after the New Product Awards Breakfast, we headed over to the show for an early-bird chance of getting in a bunch of good photos before the crowds swarmed in. That went well. Unfortunately, a recent upgrade of RallyWays’ publishing setup to the latest Apple MacBook Pro and the newest photo-editing software a few days before SEMA has made adjusting to the new system, right at the show, pure comedy.

We’ll continue to bring you coverage from the show floor. Make sure to follow us on your favorite social media channels. Subscribe to RallyWays for free by email so you don’t miss any of the stories coming this week.

For now, we’ll return to the show floor… See you soon.

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