February 2013 Editor’s Corner – Reinvention

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Porsche 993

You’re all probably wondering why the lack of updates in the last few weeks. Well, I have an answer for you…

After the holidays and the whole slew of distractions that occur during that time, we decided it was time to redesign RallyWays. Yes, the current site is good and clean and it works. However, there are a number of limiting factors in the current design that we need to change or do away with. I can’t say much yet, but one thing I can hint at is that the new site will allow for a lot more engagement and many more updates much more often than they are happening now. In fact, the redesign is mostly revolving around those changes. The site will be cooler, easier to navigate, more organized and ready for more growth. I’d like you all to take part in it. I’d like our readers and our friends to give back and comment on the stories. I’d like to see more people sharing our articles and linking to RallyWays. It’s the next big step for RW in 2013.

The new site is currently under development. Not much I can show you yet except for the fact that we have another logo that we will be using alongside our usual circle logo. Here’s a peek at that:

RallyWays Horizontal Logo

Apart from working countless hours on the site redesign, I continue attended the local car meets and shooting plenty of car pics. Last week I was sick with a darn flu, plus it was raining buckets so I didn’t get out. But just today we had an amazing meet at Cbad Cars where the guys from eGarage and HRE Wheels brought an amazing RAUH-Welt BEGRIIF Porsche 993 with a brand new set of custom wheels. Check out a teaser shot of the car below.

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Porsche 993

That’s all for now folks. I’ll be announcing the roll out of the brand new RallyWays website in a few weeks. To stay up to date and to make sure you don’t miss the roll out, you should go and subscribe to our email list right now. The email subscription form is a little ways down the page. You can’t miss it.


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