Great Turnout at Cbad Cars and Coffee Carlsbad

Lotus Evora Cbad Cars

After a few weeks of somewhat slow Saturdays, there was a smashing turnout reminiscent of the spring days.

“It’s like everyone took off for the summer!” Those were the thoughts a few weeks ago when for pretty much all summer, the Cbad Cars and Coffee Carlsbad meet-up number dwindled to like… um… 2. It’s the heat I think. Or maybe that everyone takes off to see family and spend the weekend out of town. Or maybe the regulars just got lazy. Who knows? The point is that with some effort from the Cbad Cars official Facebook page here, and some help from the Porsche Club of America, San Diego Region (who’s page is here) the numbers were up big time this Saturday September 29, 2012. The best part is, it’s expected to keep getting better in the next couple of weeks as Southern California heads into into the fall.

Lotus Evora

The Carlsbad Cars and Coffee is a great alternative to the meet in Orange County for those folks who live in San Diego County and don’t want to drive an hour North to the OC meet. It’s also great because it’s not as big and scary at the Irvine show. This is great for those guys who are new to car meets. Cbad Cars is a very friendly show where most everyone knows each other. Definitely the best place to spend your Saturday morning if you are a car enthusiast – and coffee lover.

1968 Corvette Convertible

The meet is at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets, South end near Starbucks, all Saturdays from 7-9am. Of course, use common sense and don’t rev your car, don’t burnout and don’t do anything else that could be deemed stupid. Oh, and you should keep the hood closed on your car unless you are are showing your engine for a second or two. Word has it management doesn’t want it to look like an official car show.

Porsche Club Support

If you are a regular at Cbad Cars please show your support by commenting at the end of the article and sharing this page via your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Thanks!

Porsche Club
Awesome turnout by the Porsche Club of America, San Diego Region.
Brother Lotus Evora
Twin Lotus in Red!
Volkswagen Golf R32 2004
Awesome little 2004 Golf R32. This baby is AWD.
2012 991 Porsche 911
2012 991 Porsche 911
Nissan GT-R
Impressive and muscular white GTR.

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