Mazda Teams Up With Fiat to Develop a New Alfa Romeo Spider

RallyWays has just received news that Mazda is teaming up with Fiat to build a new roadster under the Alfa Romeo brand – a move not unlike the recent collaboration between Toyota and Subaru for the BRZ and Scion FR-S. Apparently, the joint venture will yield 2 cars, one sold by Mazda and the other by Alfa Romeo where the Mazda will have a Mazda engine and the Alfa will receive their own engine.

Could this be the return of the Alfa Romeo Spider to the USA?

Forums threads in Mazda forums are going berserk with the news and the stream of speculations is never-ending. However, it’s safe to say that Mazda is basically looking to share costs of the new Mazda MX5 Miata ND platform while at the same time Fiat benefits from using that technology to launch what many hope is a new Alfa Romeo Spider. Confirmations as to whether or not the Alfa unit will be sold in the USA have not been received. However, many well-known car journalists have often said that what Alfa needs to break again into the North American market is a brand new, proper, Alfa Romeo Spider.

This joint venture seems to be a win-win situation for both Mazda and Fiat. It seems Mazda could very well use the money and Alfa Romeo could very much use the Japanese tech for a lightweight and fun rear wheel drive open top roadster. Plus, think about it… Mazda’s Japanese engineering coupled with Alfa’s Italian styling inside and out – the recipe sounds incredibly exciting.

Some people are already calling it the Mafiata, the Mafiat and the Mazda Romeo.

Some people are already calling it the Mafiata, the Mafiat and the Mazda Romeo. Well respected sources are saying the release of the Alfa model should not delay the release of the 2014 ND Miata which is expected to arrive late 2013. Some people think this equates to 3 cars – The Alfa, the Mazda/Fiat collab and the ND – but that sounds unlikely. Most likely, we’ll see the ND and the Alfa and that’s it, sometime in 2015.

We just hope Fiat opens a network of Alfa Romeo dealerships in the USA and sells the car here.

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