Last Cbad Cars Costco Carlsbad Car Meet

Cbad Cars Costco Carlsbad - Last Event at this Location

July 17, 2016 marked the last Cbad Cars Costco Carlsbad. It’s now time for a new location…

Most of you know that Cbad Cars and Coffee Carlsbad was held at the Carlsbad Outlets for more than 10 years. After a number of unruly attendees got a bit misbehaved, the management at the outlets asked that the meet be shut down – This after multiple warnings and second chances, mind you.

After a rocky start, Cbad Cars was finally solid again at the Costco Carlsbad location. This however only lasted a couple of months. By no fault of the meet itself or any of the attendees, Cbad Cars was asked to leave, again.

Alfa Romeo 4C - Cbad Cars Costco Carlsbad

See, Cbad Cars and Costco where cooperating for a few months. The meet and Costco even worked together in gathering funds for a donation to Rady Children’s Hospital – All hugely successful. Unfortunately, a few months passed and the GM at Costco Carlsbad was replaced with someone new – Someone who knew nothing of the car meet.

Needless to say, Cbad Cars’ stay at the Costco Carlsbad parking lot quickly became an unwelcome stay. A new proposal was submitted and sent up the chain of command by the new GM. Unfortunately again, due to many very-complicated liability reasons, the proposal was not approved. Cbad Cars was hung out to dry.

1969 Corvette Stingray Cbad Cars

At the very least, Costco knew full well that it was way too short notice to completely cancel the meet, just a few days before the next one. They allowed the car meet to run one more Saturday. That last event brought up the opportunity to gather a few photos at this location before the next one is set up.

Enjoy the photos of the meet below. Cbad Cars will soon be in a new location as soon as Richard, the organizer, secures a new location. By the way, MANY thanks to Richard for the hard work in keeping this meet alive. While other car meets keep dying left and right, Richard has somehow managed to keep Cbad Cars and Coffee Carlsbad alive. Here’s to a new location.

To find out about the new location when it’s ready, check out the Cbad Cars Event Listing and our list of San Diego Car Meets.

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