2003 Ferrari Enzo Dazzles Cbad Cars and Coffee

RallyWays 2003 Ferrari Enzo Banner

The last Saturday of every month always brings an awesome turnout at Cbad Cars and Coffee in Carlsbad, California. Today was very special with the attendance of this 2003 Ferrari Enzo.

2003 Ferrari Enzo at Cbad Cars

Cbad Cars is usually owned by the Porsche club for the last of the month meet. But when a blazing red Ferrari Enzo enters the scene along with a Porsche Carrera GT sidekick, the Italians and the Germans unite – for good however. I know what you’re thinking.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this 2003 Ferrari Enzo on multiple occasions. One such occasion was the Del Mar Concours. It’s always a sight to see regardless. However, now I let everyone hound the car for hours and THEN I pull out the camera and shoot some pics. This time I waited ’til the very end and caught it as it was leaving. The driver was kind enough to give me a quick big REV of the amazing V12 as he passed by my lens.

Note… One of these days I’m going to call shotgun. Yes, I will, haha. Take note when you read this. 🙂

2003 Ferrari Enzo Leaving Cbad Cars

Little trivia for my readers: Did you know that Nicholas Cage used to own a 2003 Ferrari Enzo? There aren’t very many of these you know.

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