Slick Rejex Review

Slick Rejex Wax Review by RallyWays

This is Rejex, one of the most versatile car waxes on the planet. People love it because of its durability. I love it because of its versatility. So here we go, a Rejex review based on my experience with the product…

I’m a fan of Rejex wax. I like it because it performs and it does so for many purposes. Rejex is easy to work with, relatively inexpensive and durable. For some car enthusiasts, Rejex is the only wax they’ll use. Others will try many different waxes and always return to Rejex.

I started using Rejex a few years ago after listening to word of mouth comments about how great the stuff is. I heard all kinds of claims on the durability, the slickness and that nothing sticks to it. In fact, I have a friend that had just bought a new Miata around the same time I had bought mine and he wouldn’t shut up about using Rejex on it. So I had to try it.

Rejex Wax 12oz Bottle

I’ll agree that the claims are true. Well, the reasonable ones are. It is really slick, that’s for sure. However, some claims say it would last for a year. I don’t buy that unless you drive your car once a week and it sleeps inside. 6 months is still a bit far-fetched for any wax, no matter the quality for a car that sleeps outside and spends the entire day in the sun. That all said, Rejex is very durable and far exceeds other synthetic waxes. A couple of months is not too much to ask.

Since I have access to many different higher-end and mid-range waxes, I find myself using many of them on the paint and trying other things on the rest of the surfaces like glass or headlight plastic. I like to try new waxes out, plus I wash very often, so I don’t need 6 month durability. Well, maybe on my truck.

Rejex on Headlights
Rejex is excellent for coating headlamps

I’ll still use Rejex even when I’m busy with some other wax like Meguiar’s Gold Glass for the paint. See, Rejex is very versatile. As great as it is for the car paint job, my favorite uses of Rejex is for the wheels, headlamps and tail lamps. I’ve used it on chrome and honestly, it’s not that great. Chrome is just too non-porous. Rejex has a hard time sticking to it for very long.

I’ve also used Rejex on glass, like for the windshield. It works. Specially here in San Diego where it doesn’t rain that much. However, if it rains often where you live, the wipers will remove Rejex more quickly than they will remove Rain X. Again, I wax often so I’ll use Rejex, Rain X or even Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax for my windshield. However, the common consensus seems to be that that Rain X is still the best product for glass.

The main benefit of using Rejex is hinted in the name of the product. Rejex rejects the adhesion of pollutants to your paint. One side of the wax molecules sticks to the paint and expose the slick hydrophobic properties of the molecules on the other side — the side that sticks out. For this reason, things have a very hard time sticking to the surface. Bird droppings, tar, grease and grime can simply be washed or wiped-off so long as you don’t wait forever between washes. It’s so much easier to wash a rejexed car than one with bare paint or crappy wax. This saves you time and also makes washing your car much more enjoyable and rewarding.

If your choice of car wax depends a lot on protection and durability, Rejex would be an excellent choice for the job. You won’t be disappointed. The stuff is great, it performs and it can also be you only product for paint, wheels, glass and headlamp protection if need be. Think if it this way, if you can only have ONE bottle of wax, Rejex would be it.

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