RallyWays Fiesta ST Livery Reveal

RallyWays Original Livery Design

Here it is! The RallyWays Fiesta ST Livery. This is a very intricately designed car wrap that features elements of motorsport combined with the latest in car wrapping techniques.

I have been working on this design on and off for over 2 months. By the time I was done, the livery had around 12 revisions. In fact, when I delivered the files to Kyle at KI Studios, who’s doing the actual vinyl wrap job, the final files had a serial number of 10. However, I ended up doing two more revisions after that. This design is a result of many nights at Peet’s Coffee, at a tiny table, drinking one-too-many-double-lattes.

The wrap is very carefully designed for several purposeful reasons. As much as possible, I wanted to avoid printing. Printed wraps make for a more cost-effective alternative to creating intricate designs — Not to mention, some things can only effectively be done by printing. I wanted the brightest colors possible as well as to use metallic vinyl – Two things that are best achieved with solid vinyl colors. Due to the amount of layering necessary to achieve all the colors using solid vinyl colors only — as well as the cost factor – I modified the artwork a bit more to incorporate some printing.

RallyWays Fiesta ST Car Wrap Job in Progress
Stage 1 of the wrap is nearly done.

The end results uses a solid metallic yellow as the base color. Then, the actual graphics, stripes, colors and logos are printed on a single sheet of vinyl and layered over the yellow. Since just about the entire car is wrapped in metallic yellow, the amount of layered seams are reduced, making for a much cleaner wrap. Props to Kyle for talking me into that, even though I’ll admit I wasn’t happy at first. I wanted what I wanted. He’s the expert though and thanks to his experience he turned out to be right. Of course.

The original design had a metallic grey as the rear and bottom of the car. Since we decided to print that section instead of layering it, I decided to change that to white instead. Not only does this look better in my opinion, but it helps make the wrap more entirely cohesive, since the car’s original paint is white. This means the door jambs in white don’t look alien now. When you open the doors, the white door jambs match the white section of the wrap. Brilliant.

The design follows many of the contours of the Ford Fiesta ST. The FiST is a rather bold little hatchback, so accenting the body lines with the livery design is only natural. I also went for a very intense look. At first I considered creating something way more subtle. This being inspired by a rally car, I decided to go all out and fully bold. The essence of motor sport and rally racing is clearly seen in the design, even though it lacks racing numbers.

The wrap features our sponsors, COBB Tuning, Rally Innovations and Blue Springs Ford Parts. I’ve even allowed space to add more sponsors as the project develops.

There are more clever bits as well. The design can be easily modified in the feature without having to remove the entire wrap. The car is almost completely wrapped in metallic yellow. If I want to change the design, KI Studios can just peel off the print section and replace it with a new one right over the yellow base. It’s also future-proof. When the time comes to retire the car from the show circuit it can easily become a vinyl-wrapped daily driver. Just peel of the printed graphics and voila, I have a metallic yellow Fiesta ST, all the while protecting the original paint. Further down the line, I can remove the yellow base and now I’m back to stock white paint that was fully protected from the sun and the elements.

If you wish to form part of the RallyWays Ford Fiesta ST project, there is still time to join. We’ve got a few spaces left, but they will soon be filled!

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