Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze Review

Poorboy's Black Hole Glaze Review

Poorboy’s World is a well-known American manufacturer of car detailing products, even in Europe. They have been on the market for almost fifteen years now, and have a wide range of cleaning and detailing products. As they say themselves, do not expect fancy packaging and labeling for the products, it is not needed. Do expect ease of use, fast results and an amazing shine.

Almost all Poorboys products come in the same type of “easy to handle and store” bottles with simple but clear labeling. This way, they can keep the prices of their products as low as possible, so customers pay for the actual product, not “bling bling” packaging. Interesting philosophy and marketing for sure!

So how about the products?

Well, I’ve been working with Poorboy’s products for almost ten years now, and for the price, most of their products are actually quite good. From their whole range however, there is one product that I absolutely adore. It’s called Black Hole Glaze. In this Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze review I’ll talk about the simple reasons why I like it. After all, Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze has served me well for a long time.

Poorboy's Black Hole Glaze on a Green Emerald Mica NB MX-5 Miata
This is my Emerald Mica MX-5 Miata NB detailed with Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze.

Black Hole glaze is specifically made for dark colored vehicles, however we used it on bright red cars multiple times and that worked out great too. It is a one-step liquid product that besides a chemical formulated glaze, contains paint cleaners and fillers. It cleans and fills minor paint imperfections like swirls and small scratches and it gives an incredible glossy, shiny and smooth look and feel to the paintwork. You get a nice water-beading effect on the surface too.

Black Hole glaze can be applied by hand or machine, although I prefer to do it by hand. You wipe it on using a microfiber applicator, let it haze and then buff it off with a microfiber towel. When working with a dual action polisher or rotary polisher, make sure to put the machine on a low speed.

Poorboy's Black Hold Glaze on a Red Mazda MX-5 Miata NA
Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze might be formulated for dark paint, but it works wonders on bright red too!

A big difference between Poorboy’s World and other brands of detailing products, is that Poorboy’s products can be used in the sun or shade. So if you live in a sunny part of the world like California you don’t have to worry about applying the product in the sun. I live in rainy Belgium, so I don’t have to worry about that aspect 9 months a year.

You can use Poorboy’s Black Hole glaze by itself, but in a rainy climate it won’t last very long. I recommend topping it off with Poorboy’s EX Sealant or any kind of carnauba paste wax like Natty’s Paste wax. This way, it will hold longer.

Funny sidenote: This product is plum colored and it smells like grape and berry flavored bubblegum. It will be hard to resist, but DO NOT eat it!

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