The RallyFist Fiesta ST Video In Depth

RallyFist Fiesta ST Video Truth In Depth

Here we have the RallyFist Fiesta ST video in depth. Let me please start by saying thanks to everyone involved in our Ford Fiesta ST build. It really would have not happened without you.

If you don’t want to read and you’re just here for the Fiesta ST video, skip the text and scroll down to the end for the video. Go on. Do it. I’m not judging you.

First of all, some of you are very much aware of the RallyWays Ford Fiesta ST, dubbed #RallyFist — Specifically, those of you that have been following RallyWays on Instagram for a long time. Same thing goes for those of you that have been subscribed to our blog for a while now. For those of you that are not familiar with the build yet, here’s a Cliff Notes blurb about it:

Super compendium about our Fiesta ST

This is a 2015 Ford Fiesta ST with Recaro seats in Oxford White and no other factory options. It was modified by me, in my garage, with the help my son and the support of all my sponsors. The car is a rally theme build. It features power upgrades in the form of COBB Stage 3 for Fiesta ST. Aero parts are by Rally Innovations and those include the rally wing, front splitter, side splitters and light bar. The offroad lights are by Baja Designs. The white Turbomac wheels are by Fifteen52 and tires are by Falken. The wrap was designed by me and installed by KI Studios Car Wraps. The tire stickers are by none other than Tire Stickers. Let’s not forget the awesome Rally Armor mud flaps.

Fiesta ST Video RallyWays

That’s pretty much the gist of it right there. Now, the reason for this video is quite simple:

I’ve been posting articles about this build as it has evolved since back when I picked up the car in February of 2015. However, apart from the page that shows the entire Fiesta ST parts list, I wanted a video that would show all the details about the car in its entirety.

And so, that’s how this Fiesta ST video came about. Watch it and you will know most of what needs to be known about our Fiesta ST.

Check it out and share it.

RallyWays #RallyFist Ford Fiesta ST Truth In Depth video.

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