Vintage Motor Racing Time-Lapse Video

Vintage Motor Racing Time-Lapse Video

Going through the more than 2,500 vintage motor racing images from Coronado Speed Festival 2015 I noticed that most of the stuff I shot were sequences at the track. Next thing you know, I drop them all into a time-lapse sequence, add some music and voila.

I’m busy going through all the vintage motor racing images from Speed Fest. Flipping through the photos frame by frame I immediately noticed I had a pretty good story on my hands.

Even before going through all the images and picking out the ones I want to use and edit further, I decide to drop all the images — the good and not so good ones, into a sequence and make a video out of it. The result is the video you see here. Note, there is no actual video footage. This is all made with still photos.

Coronado Speed Festival Vintage Motor Racing Sequence

While this was totally unplanned, I think it came out pretty good. Which of course means that next time I’ll plan for it and make even better. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to bring a whole other camera body and lens just to focus on making a sequence of track photos.

This entire sequence was shot a Coronado Speed Festival 2015 at North Island Naval Base in Coronado, San Diego. Coronado Speed Festival is full weekend of arguably the best vintage motor racing around. The track is a bit scary as it isn’t your usual racetrack. It’s an airfield converted to a track with k-wall around most of it. For this reason, there aren’t any runoffs or apexes to hit, or rumbles strips, or grass, or any of that. That said, this track format is used every year and it works.

The best part of the event is the fact that the cars racing are truly unique. We’re talking about real and priceless historic cars racing wheel to wheel. This year they even brought back the pre-war horseless carriage racing group, which was one of the most incredible things to watch. The drivers even wore period correct garb, except for the modern day helmets of course. But still, walking around the paddocks before and after the racing, some had the traditional leather hats, goggles, tall leather boots and full white jumpsuits with vintage motor racing logos.

Enjoy this sequence, or time-lapse, of vintage motor racing shots. If you have never attended Coronado Speed Festival it’ll give you an idea of what it’s all about. If you have attended the event however, you’ll probably enjoy it just as much by reliving it through these photos, without the scorching heat of the day!

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