Photos from Tacos and Tuners Encinitas San Diego Car Meet

Datsun 280ZX Tacos and Tuners

Great turnout and a nice variety of cars at Tacos and Tuners in Encinitas, CA. This is a very friendly car meet where all types of cars all welcome… as long as the drivers behave.

I’m not necessarily a regular at almost any car show or meet (Except for Cars and Coffee of course). I’m just too busy all the time to commit to any particular club or event. However, I’ve been to Tacos and Tuners in Encinitas a couple of times and it’s proved quite enjoyable.

The setting, being at night, with many young local tuners can have a bit of a “I’m freaking fast and furious” vibe to it. But once you start meeting the regulars, you can tell most of them really care about the meet. They are friendly, and they try to keep it all pretty mellow to ensure the meet doesn’t get shut down. Of course, there are those that feel that the $5000 blower and uberloud exhaust cans are not good enough unless they leave the show screaming and burning tires like a large tool from TV. So far, it seems the regulars have managed to keep the meet alive – and we hope they are successful.

Miatas, Beetles, Golfs, groundscrapers, Hellaflushers, stance cults and a few track rats.

As far as the cars go, there is a lot of variety. You can see built-up beaters, awesome Japaneses classics, Duestchland people’s cars, typical muscly Corvettes and pricey fast Nissan GTR’s. Miatas, Beetles, Golfs, groundscrapers, Hellaflushers, stance cults and a few track rats. Some very clean Hondas too. Like Ted’s amazing Accord (2010?) that’s built up like no other I’ve seen before. (See pics below). Oh, and of course, a mean Evo X that I find is perfectly welcome at any show – and would also be perfectly welcome in my garage!

Enjoy the pics… And if you are in North County San Diego and would like to swing by, check out the meet’s Facebook page here. I’ll help the regulars of the meet on this one: If you attend, arrive quietly and leave quietly. Why the the heck ruin it for the rest?

RallyWays has a Facebook page too. Be nice and like.

Oh, and why Tacos and Tuners? ‘Cause of the famous Wahoo’s Tacos in the same parking lot as the meet. There you go. Eat tacos, look at cars.

Tacos and Tuners Car Meet
Good variety.
Nissan GTR
Always a head turner… Nissan GT-R.
Nissan GT-R
There were 2 of these at the meet.
Datsun 240ZX Tacos and Tuners
This little white 240Z has quite a bit of history with this meet.
Mitsubishi Evo X
A star of any car show if you ask me. Mitsu Evo X.
Mitsubishi Evolution X Wicked White Rear
Can’t get enough of the Evo.
Tuned Honda Accord
This has got to be the most awesome Accord I’ve ever seen. Can you say NOS?
Mazda NB Miata
Always room for a Miata.
Corvettes at Tacos and Tuners Encinitas
2 generations of ‘Vettes.
Corvette Z06 C5
Another view of the Z06 – Sept 27
Mazda MX5 Miata NC
It’s all smiles.
Volkswagen GTI
We love GTI’s around here – new and old.
Photography at Tacos and Tuners
This is what it’s all about. Quite a couple of cameras too.

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