SEMA Show 2013 Day 2 Highlights

SEMA 2013 Day 2 Highlights

The vibe is good and people are amped. While yesterday there was a lot of running around like headless chickens, today show-goers are in the groove and enjoying the show. Here are some SEMA Show 2013 Day 2 highlights for all our RallyWays friends.

Day 1 highlights are here.

It’s pretty much impossible to walk the entire show in one day. SEMA 2013 basically has 3 main halls, North, Center and South and a bunch of little smaller halls, meeting rooms and what not. Given the show is 4 days long, it’s best to concentrate on one of the main halls one day, another main hall the next and the third and final hall by Thursday. Then on Friday you go and revisit people or go find other things you might have missed. This seems to be the right way to do it.

H&R Green Mint Porsche 964

The vibe throughout was much better today, Day 2. People actually knew where they were going – most of them at least. In general, attendees seemed to be enjoying their time much more and productivity seemed at an all time high. At least that was the way for us. We’re absolutely stoked on our progress today.

A quick scan of the central hall for things missed on day 1 led to many great photos. The photo-quality today was better too. Managed to improve on shooting techniques for today based on working on all new gear. Thank God for tripods and a very practical remote shutter button. Those proved to be lifesavers when shooting in low light.

So what have we got? Let’s take a look see…

BASF SEMA 2013 Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360’s are pretty cars. Wrapped in shiny blue, even better.

Pagani Huayra GoPro Booth

Hyper cars like this Pagani Huayra at the GoPro booth are the stuff of dreams.

Quality Car Show Models at Continental Tire

SEMA Show 2013 Day 2 was very pretty.

SEMA Show Day 2 highlights, for us at least, included the following:

1. Custom Classic and Hot Rods – We focused in checking out many of the custom classics and hot rods in the main central hall. Amazing what the builders and fabricators do with these vehicles. Because most of them are show cars only, they can be developed over time and the results are fantastic.

2. Wheels and Tires – We took the time to explore South hall in detail where there was a huge selection of wheel and tire companies. Some of our favorite booths were those of Falken Tire, Continental, Nitto, Enkei, Vossen and TSW. One thing to point out, exhibitors really stepped up their game with the car show girls working the floor on day 2. Yep, much better than Day 1.

3. Standout Vehicles – Standouts are really a subjective thing. But some cars and trucks we loved included Jeeps, Porsches, Miatas and a couple of super cars and hyper cars like the Pagani Huayra on display the GoPro booth. The list of amazing cars is endless, but we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Look throughout our photos from SEMA 2013 day 2… which are pretty much our highlights and favorites for the day.

More highlights

Wreckhouse Racing Danny George Formula Drift Miata

Seeing the Wreckhouse Racing Danny George Formula Drift Miata was pretty cool. We’ve seen this car in photos and videos plenty of times. However, seeing it in person is much, much cooler. Did you know, the checkered pattern is actually composed of many tiny photos of real people? And, it’s an LS V8 engine under the hood. It’s kinda cliché to call it a Monster Miata because it’s definitely much more than that. But it is in fact a Monster of some sort.

Impressive Jeep at SEMA 2013

Surprised to be drawn to Jeeps so much this SEMA Show. Maybe it’s the fact that stock Jeeps are cool, but not enough to sway us in that direction. However, Jeeps like this one are truly epic.

Mazda Open-Wheel Awesomeness

If you are a frequent RallyWays reader or a fan of our brand, you would know we love Mazda. Here’s a very cool open-wheel Mazda racer.

Custom Classic Shelby GT500

Custom classics was something we focused on during Day 2 of SEMA 2013. Custom classic cars come in all shapes and forms, however, when it comes to sheer beauty, you can’t really stray too far from the proven formula – A classic fastback Shelby is way prettier than just about anything else out there. Kudos to your unique and different build, but the classic Mustang formula wins top-trumps.

The Stakes are High at the Giovanna Wheels Booth

The stakes were high at the Giovanna Wheels booth. If you are going to use models to promote your brand, make sure they are properly pretty, like this girl. Shame on the brands that go girl-shopping in the Bulk Girls of Vegas Catalog. Giovanna does it right.

So that’s it. We’ll leave you with a little gallery below of more of our favorites. You could fill 3 websites with photos from SEMA. True sensory overload. But we’ll show them to you in nice manageable chunks.

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