Gold Wheels Would You

Nissan GT-R with Gold Wheels

Right! So, Gold wheels. I keep seeing them more and more. Some are more bronze than gold, but still. Would you run gold wheels?

We’re all used to the world rally championship blue of the iconic WRC Blue Subaru WRX STI. It’s a color scheme that looks right mainly because it has become a standard. A lot like blue and orange for Gulf Gasoline. Also iconic.

However, gold wheels seem to be more popular than ever on everything from lowly Civics to Evos to Bimmers to Lambos.

WRX Blue Subaru WRX STI with Gold Wheels

Here’s a 2006 Subaru STI Hawkeye sporting the famous WRC color scheme we all know and love.

Gold Rush Rally would of course be the perfect venue for rocking gold wheels. Just recently, Dieter-Heinz from HG Motorspors acquired a Mercedes-Benz GT S. He brought the car to Cars and Coffee Carlsbad in stock form just a few weeks before Gold Rush Rally. But then…

HRE RS101M on the HG Motorsports Mercedes-Benz GT S

Little did we know the car was going to get the gold treatment with a set of brushed gold wheels by HRE – Specifically HRE Wheels RS101M.

You don’t have to reach that high and have deep pockets to rock gold wheels with utter legitimacy. The very popular and ultra-legit yet inexpensive Enkei RPF-1 racing wheels are also available in gold… and they have been for quite some time.

Subaru BRZ on Enkei RPF-1 Gold Wheels

Here is pearl white Subaru BRZ that rides on a set of Enkei RPF1 gold wheels. Never mind the ride height, it got lowered later on.

Some gold wheels are not quite gold at all. For those of you that are not too keen on so much bling, a hue of gold that borders on bronze might be ideal.

Check out this Ferrari 458 Speciale wrapped in a fighter plane with nose art design.

Wrapped Ferrari 458 Speciale Jet Fighter with Gold Wheels

This was also at Gold Rush Rally. The wheels on this Ferrari are more bronze than gold. The slightly toned-down finish is quite nice, classy and not too bright.

Note that when I say gold wheels, I’m not talking about gold-plated wheels. I’m talking about satin, or glossy painted, powder coated or brushed wheels. Gold chrome, or gold plated would be… well, let’s just not go there. Hopefully we don’t all live to see an era where gold-plated wheels become popular.

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