Tjin Edition All Star Fiesta ST Build

All Star 2014 Ford Fiesta ST SEMA 2014 Build

A cool build is all about how it makes you feel regardless if it’s a Ferrari, a Corvette, an F-150 or in this case an amazing Fiesta ST build.

I have been seriously considering a Ford Fiesta ST lately. Naturally, I headed on over to the Ford booth at SEMA 2014 to see what the blue oval had on display for Fiesta builds. Then, I found this. An awesome 2014 Ford Fiesta ST build that was not wrapped in vinyl, nor did it have silly bolt-on fenders. No liberty strolls or rodent rockets or any of those shenanigans here. What it did have was soul.

Ford Fiesta ST Build - All Star

Ford had the face-lifted 2015 Focus ST up on a high display. There was also a very cool orange FiST on display, but for some reason the tan-creme one was the one that struck a chord with me. So, let’s focus STeadily on that one. See what I did there?

Anyway, Ford had a QR code on the sign next to the car to scan to get more info. That was simply not going to be enough for me. Instead, I decided to wait until SEMA 2014 was over in order to have time to do more research and put together a better story. I did however, post a glimpse of the car in our SEMA 2014 Photo Collection.

TJIN Edition aLL STaR Fiesta ST Build

All Star Ford Fiesta ST Build Front View

So here we are. SEMA’s over and I want this unique Fiesta ST on RallyWays. This is what I found:

The car was built by All Star Gene Tjin TJIN Edition and is called the aLL STaR Fiesta ST – Look closely and you’ll see the caps and lowercase lettering are all on purpose.

It’s not a wrap. This Fiesta ST is painted, and painted well. Meaning, a lot of it was taken apart for a color change – Door jambs, under the hood, rear hatch, etc. The paint used was a custom AXALTA mix applied by LR Autobody. As you can see, it’s some sort of tan or creme color. It’s either a love it or hate it color, but I quite like it. It reminds me of a color Porsche would have put on a 911 in the late 70’s. Nothing wrong with that.

MHT Wheels US Mags Supreme Classics Big Slot U600

The wheels are MHT Wheels US Mags Supreme Classics Big Slot U600. These are very much fit for traditional Fords or Chevys, but somehow look amazing on a hot hatch. They are 18 x 8” and are wrapped with Falken FK-453 215/35/18 tires.

The red brake calipers hiding under there are Baer Brakes 6 piston calipers painted to go with the orange Recaro seats. The rotors are two-piece and drilled/sloted.

To top it all off, the car has projector lights from LightWurkz and LED foglights.

But wait, there’s more. Like, a lot more.

Gene Tjin Fiesta ST Build

The TJIN aLL STaR Fiesta ST is a goodie bag of COBB Tuning parts. COBB has put a lot of time and expertise into the FiST. If I ever get a Fiesta ST – which I’m highly considering, it’s more than likely getting its fair share of COBB upgrades.

These are the COBB Tuning parts this awesome FiST build is running:

  • Cobb Tuning Ford Accessport V3
  • Cobb Tuning cat-back exhaust
  • Cobb Tuning intercooler
  • Cobb Tuning air intake
  • Cobb Tuning downpipe
  • Cobb Tuning rear engine mount

That last one, the COBB Fiesta ST Engine Mount, is a big deal. Both the Fiesta ST and the Focus ST are known to slam the engine into the firewall on hard launches from torque alone. The COBB engine mount for Fiesta ST is more rigid and solves that problem by holding the engine down better.

Then, the Fiesta ST gets air suspension from Air Lift to help yield that absolutely sexy fitment. An Eibach anti-roll kit aids in keeping body roll down.

Inside, tunes are played through a rather compact SONY system of amps and subwoofer. Good music, without adding too much weight. The COBB Accesport V3 is held in place on the left side of the dash with a Scosche Magic Mount. Oh, and let’s not forget the 3D Carbon rear spoiler, Triple R Composites front splitter and Bojix side skirts.

I immediately texted a picture to my wife because I was so stoked… She returned my message with a picture of a dead catfish.

This finely built Ford Fiesta ST is of course not for everyone. It’s rather simple and understated. The tan color alone hints on that. However, I immediately texted a picture to my wife because I was so stoked on this car. She returned my message with a picture of a dead catfish. Like I said, not for everyone. Certainly, not my wife.

To me, the most striking thing about the TJIN aLL STaR Fiesta ST build is the awesome fitment, how well it looks slammed on air-suspension and how clean the entire build was accomplished.

Among all the super-loud and in-your-face SEMA builds, this little Fiesta ST is a nice and classy car. Somehow, All Star managed to incorporate flush fitment and complete slammage on air-suspension, but not make the car look like an overdone show-only car. Press a button to lift the TJIN All Star Fiesta ST up a little bit and it should look perfectly normal driving around town. Park it, slam it again and you’re good.

All Star Ford Fiesta ST Build Side View

I really like the Ford Fiesta ST. Would I build mine like this? Probably not. But not because I don’t like it. I love it. Mostly because I seem to not be able to shake off the fact that I want my car to be functional ALL THE TIME. Meaning, I want it low, but I want it to handle a track-day like it’s built for the job. Would I rock this Fiesta ST as-is however? Absolutely! Proudly too.

Note, there is a full build-thread about this car at Fiesta ST Forum.

To find out more about why I like the fantastic little Ford Fiesta ST so much, read the RallyWays Fiesta ST Review.

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