Dani Devor Mustang S197 Rolling Shot

S197 Mustang Rolling Shot

If you’ve looked through the RallyWays Portfolio, you’ve probably realized I like rolling shots quite a bit. I don’t always have a driver, but when I do, I get shots like this one.

This is a 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0 (S-197 II) owned by a girl named Dani Devor. We were headed to the beach to do a photoshoot with Dani for some RallyWays feature articles. I was in the chase car of course and shot a few frames of Dani’s Mustang while on the way to the beach.

I posted this rolling Mustang S197 picture to a secret automotive photographers group on Facebook. That same night I got quite a few requests to post the story behind this photo as well as the camera settings. The result of all that is this portfolio post you are reading at the moment.

As you can see, the lighting was overcast, yet bright enough. The sky was nice and had some very interesting diffused clouds. I took this picture hanging out the window of a GTI while trying to get the camera as close to the ground a possible. The GTI’s waistline is quite high, so getting the camera close to the ground is not easy. My Miata on the other hand is very low and it’s really easy to get the lens close to the ground. A perfect example of that is this S550 Mustang photo.

As far as the camera settings go…

Shutter speed: 1/100
Aperture: f 8.0
ISO 320.

The camera is my usual Canon 6D with a Canon EF24-105mm f/4L shooting at full wide. The lens is topped with a B+W circular polarizer.

I usually do rolling shots at either 1/80 or 1/60, but I happened to shoot this one at a more conservative 1/100 shutter speed and it turned out quite alright.

The format is RAW, just like everything else I shoot. The photo was processed in Lightroom 5. Editing in Photoshop was minimal. I just took out an ugly light pole and a white car that was way far out at the end of the frame. Oh, and I added the swooshy RallyWays logo behind the car as well.

That’s pretty much it really. Classic rolling shot of a future classic.