Ferrari 458 Close Up RallyWays Photography

Ferrari 458 Close Up

This is one of those photos that just works. It’s one of those photos that you’re scrolling through your photo library and suddenly stop and go, “Wow!” RallyWays already has a 458 Italia in the automotive photography portfolio. This one was just so good we had to include it as well. Thus we named it differently, “Ferrari 458 Close Up.”

This beauty was shot at Bella Italia Car Show late morning, on what would otherwise have been a bright sunny day – almost too bright too shoot. But rainclouds in the morning helped cool the day down and allowed for nicely diffused light throughout the day.

Bella Italia can be a busy show, so finding creative close-up angles is one great way of dealing with the people crowding your every shot. Shallow depth of field is something we don’t do often enough during our photoshoots. However, when the situation is right, we end up with photos like this. One of our very good friend’s immediate comment was, “Perfect depth of field!”

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a beautiful car from every angle. Getting up close and finding the little bits that together make this car awesome is just as rewarding as observing the entire car at once. The tail lights on the 458 are striking. So is the thin metal mesh at the rear. The way it curves to house the lone tail light at each end is pure work of genius. Ferrari doesn’t always get their car’s right as far as beauty – amazing yes; pretty not always – But when they do, the pure art is nothing short of amazing.