Corvette Z06 C6 at Speed

Corvette Z06 C6 Panning

Here we have a Corvette Z06 C6. This is currently the king of bang for the buck performance. It will likely remain so for quite a while until the C7 Corvette Z06 second hand prices start to become affordable.

This particular car is a Cbad Cars and Coffee Carlsbad regular and it’s not your average Z06. This one has been fully built for more performance. It also rolls on a beautiful set of bronze HRE Performance Wheels.

This is one of our favorite action photos as of late. The dynamic panning combined with the perfect profile and tacky sharpness come together to create one of those photos where you know that every single element worked out. In fact, even the driver is in the perfect badass driving position down to the sunglasses and single hand on the wheel.

While there is quite a busy background, it’s hard to see it as clutter. For some reason, thanks to the perfectly clean foreground and the amount of motion blur, the background just works. Plus, the stunning red car in the middle horizontal third draws the eye like no other element in the photograph.

I can’t recall perfectly at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I was lying down on my belly when I shot this.

Shot with a Canon 6D with a 24-105 L Series lens and no filter. Shutter speed is a rather safe 1/125, which is a bit fast for panning slow-moving cars. Just goes to show this Corvette was moving at a pretty good pace. Other details are f/8 and ISO 100. But more importantly, a steady hand and a perfect sweep.