RallyWays Corvette Z06 C5 Rolling Shot

Stormy Corvette Z06 C5

The Corvette Z06 C5 is one of the best bang for the buck performance sports cars out there. An amazing car in its own right, it’ll likely always be a bit more affordable than the C6 version of the car.

This photo has quickly become one of our favorite rolling shots as of late. Of course, at RallyWays we say that a lot! We tend to fall in love with many of our best photos. Regardless, ONE of our favorites.

The drama in the sky is awesome. So much that we’ve sometimes called this shot, “Storm Chaser Corvette.” This is a result of an earlier rainstorm that Saturday morning. This photo was taken after Cbad Cars on the way to Targa Trophy German Festival at the HRE Performance Wheels SoCal location. The car is a Cbad Cars & Coffee Carlsbad regular and one of the cleanest Corvette C5 Z06s you can find. A true beauty.