1932 Ford Hot Rod

32 Ford Hot Rod Side Shot

Ok, I’ll admit I’ll be the first to call every car that looks like this a 1932 Ford Hot Rod. However, I did look it up for like 2 seconds and based on the panel lines and what not, it certainly looks like it.

The trunk lid seems a bit different than other 32 Ford photos I found online, but for all I know it could have been modified heavily. I mean, the top’s been chopped off and the windshield’s been bolted on, so that alone changes the lines quite a bit anyway.

I love how the body is a bit raw and it has that old classic dirty 32 Ford look. That said, it’s clean to the point that I wouldn’t dare call this a rat rod. I think it was done really well making it look properly vintage but with enough clean and shiny accents to really elevate the build. The engine looks to be almost entirely chrome barring the 3 carburetors holding the filters and flame arrestors.

I shot this one back in 2014 in the good ol’ days of Cars and Coffee Irvine. I was just perusing my Lightroom catalog looking for an image for a client and ran into this. I stopped and decided to cut it and clean it up a bit and post it up. By cleanup, I mean, I Photoshopped some ugly lines I saw in the bushes. Back then they used to put yellow ribbon there to keep people from standing in front of those bushes. I didn’t touch the car at all. Enjoy.