Classic Shelby GT350 Race Car Number 42

Classic Shelby GT350 Race Car

Cars like this classic Shelby GT350 from decades past are often exclusive trophies in private collections. If lucky, you might see one as part of a Cars and Coffee event on a Saturday morning.

After the Cars and Coffee event or the latest classic show, the car goes back into a climate-controlled garaged only to be seen again a few weeks in a similar setting. This is most definitely NOT the case here.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with conserving a museum-quality car. Someone need to conserve them, right? However, the hero in this photo is a classic Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 doing what Carroll Shelby intended his Mustangs to do, race.

If someone manages to conserve a car like this while also racing it at vintage racing events, more power to them. The car has managed to still be alive since the 60’s, so it’s proof it can be done. In fact, many cars like this have pretty hefty budgets backing them. Oftentimes, they will be better maintained than many street cars that are simply neglected.

All in all, it’s good to see a classic priceless Mustang such as this Shelby GT350 speeding down a track, with a couple of track battle scars here and there. It’s a much better scenario than some neglected relic rotting away in some barn.

Next time you see a old Shelby, whether it be an AC Cobra or a classic Shelby GT350 that’s in pristine condition, take a moment to admire it. Then be grateful for those that also still race them. Without them, we wouldn’t have new shots like this to admire of a car that’s 50 years old.

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