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Ford Fiesta ST Stories & Tech Articles

RallyWays published stories about the awesome Ford Fiesta ST.

We’ve put in a lot of the time into the Ford Fiesta ST. Long term ownership and a SEMA Show build add up to a lot of experience on this platform.

RallyWays took the Ford Fiesta ST platform really seriously. We even built our own custom build for the SEMA Show using parts from various prestigious aftermarket part manufacturers. We called that build, #RallyFist.

Some of the companies involved included COBB Tuning, Fifteen52, Falken Tire, Rally Innovations, Baja Designs and Rally Armor. We wrote and published a good number of articles about the Ford Fiesta ST during that time. Some of the articles are general and others are directly related to our SEMA build.

One very popular story is the one about 4×108 wheels. Turns out not very many cars use this wheel pattern. Our interest in the Ford Fiesta ST got us exploring wheel options and landed us on the 4×108 wheel lug nut pattern topic.

In these pages we have a series of tech articles related to power mods for the Fiesta ST that are also street friendly. At this point many of those mods are also CARB legal as they have passed certification in California. In regards to our Fiesta ST build, we were pushing solid power numbers, while also having a car that was perfectly reliable and acted like a stock car.

Our car gained 30 horsepower and 80 Lb/Ft of torque at the wheels. That may not sound like a lot. However, in such a lightweight car with what’s essentially a tiny engine, you can definitely feel that. Plus, peak torque was at low to mid RPM, so it’s totally usable. This is in contrast to many other turbo cars where the peak torque is at the higher end of the RPM range.

Go ahead and check out all our Ford Fiesta ST stories. It’s likely you might be considering modding your Ford Fiesta ST.  There is something there for you. We’re sure you can pick up on some of our own ideas and experience while applying it to the latest mods available for this amazing little platform.