4×108 Wheels List

Compilation List of 4x108 Wheels

I decided to compile of list of 4×108 wheels. The 4×108 bolt pattern is an oddball lug pattern. For those of you that own cars with this lug bolt pattern, it would be beneficial to find them all in one place.

Currently, the Ford Fiesta ST is one of the most popular cars that use 4×108 wheels. Naturally, this being the RallyWays Fiesta ST Specialty section, my interest in 4×108 wheels is evident. There are other random cars that use the 4x108mm bolt pattern. Some of these include: Fox Body Fords, the Mustang II, the infamous Ford Pinto, Ford Capri, Porsche 924, Alfa Romeo Spider (1986-1991) and Audi 4000 Quattro among a few others. As you can see, it’s a bolt pattern that’s not really used that much anymore.

Sparco Assetto Gara on a Fiesta ST

By the way, the 4×108 wheel lug pattern when converted to inches is 4×4.25″ though it is rarely referred to as that. These days, wheel lug pattern is almost always referred to in metric units even though the wheels themselves are measured in inches.

If I’m missing any 4×108 wheels let me know and I’ll add them.

Wheels Available in 4×108 Bolt Pattern

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

Sport Edition SE-16

Sport Tuning T9

Team Dynamics Monza R

MSW Type 23


Aparco Assetto Gara




Motegi MR119

Motegi MR116

Motegi MR125

Focus SVT Euro

Enkei GW8

OZ Racing Leggenda

OZ Racing Superturismo

OZ Racing Superturismo LM


Sparco Terra

Sparco Pro Corsa

Konig Dial-In

TR Motorsports FF10

OZ Formula4 HLT

Avant Garde M240

Axis Sport XV

Speedline 2120 Turini

Ford SVT Euro Package

Fifteen52 Tarmac Forged

Fifteen52 Tarmac Cast

Fifteen52 Turbomac SC Forged

Motegi MR116 Fiesta ST Wheels
Here is a Fiesta ST on Motegi MR116 wheels.

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