Fix Frame Rust with POR 15

Fix Frame Rust with POR 15

Rust is a problem not just for the rust belt folks in the snowy parts of the US. Cars in the South can have similar problems. Things like living by the beach, lots of rain and high humidity can play strong roles in rusting cars that never see road salt.

Some cars and trucks are also very well-known for rust. One good example is the Toyota Tacoma. As much as we love our Tacos, they have always been famous for frame rust. This applies to the generation 1 and generation 2 Tacomas – both. Seems like Toyota improved on the frame materials a bit for the gen 2, having had to replace so many gen 1 frames, but the problem seems to be there still.

We have a good-looking Toyota Tacoma gen 2. Since we live in SoCal, we’re not worried about things like having the frame rust through, as is the case with the Tacomas living in the rust belt. However, we like our truck to look good. Cosmetically speaking, we hate to see surface rust on our truck’s frame. Plus, the little nicks and scratches that often riddle control arms also attract rust. And it’s unsightly.

Knowing all this, we’ve been looking at how to fix frame rust. A thread on Tacoma World resulted in various members responding with an answer. That would be POR 15 Rust Preventive Coatings. Apparently, it’s the best stuff since sliced bread when it comes to stopping rust.

We are focusing on surface frame rust here. Even the rather heavy frame rust. However, if your frame is rusted through, that’s a whole other problem that cannot be fixed with liquid magic. Welding magic would be needed for that.

At SEMA 2014, we had a chance to speak with one of the representatives of POR 15. Turns out the coating is really easy to apply. Brush application is recommended. Looking at their sample on display, if you take your time, the finish can equal that of spray paint. Pretty impressive.

Paint Over Rust POR 15

POR 15 is very flexible and easy to work with. The most important thing is to really clean the area well. You don’t need to completely remove the rust, but at least get rid of anything that’s lose. The important bit is not having contaminants like oil, grease or gas. POR 15 does sell prepping products to make the surfaces ready for application of the POR 15 rust preventive coating.

Apart from that, they say POR 15 will kill the remaining rust on the surfaces. Regardless, we believe in doing the best job possible. We’d still take a wire brush to any rust to make sure it’s as clean as it can be.

As is typical, our Tacoma has a bit of surface rust on some of the frame and suspension parts. We can complain all we want, but they are all like that. So, to solve that problem we’re going to be using POR 15 to make sure the frame in the RallyWays Taco (that’s what we call it) looks as black and awesome as we possible can have it.

Buying POR 15 to fix frame rust

We looked on Amazon and found that the reviews on POR 15 as consistent with what we’re hearing. Mostly 5 stars. Can’t beat that really. Here’s a link to buy POR 15 from Amazon…

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