What is the MPG of my Car?

Toyota Tacoma rolling, from the article: What is the MPG of my car? The reason why you should calculate MPG yourself.

What is the MPG of my car? That is a question every car owner asks him or herself at some point. You can look it up. However, there is a better solution.

When you don’t own the car in question, you need to look up the specs online to find out what the MPG is. You can use a great resource like Fuelly.com. You can ask on a forum or check out the specs from the car manufacturer’s site.

Finding the MPG of a car online can be a great and useful research tool when buying or when comparing other cars to your own. You need to do a broad search though – as MPG can vary a lot by region and by driver.

When you own the car already it’s better to calculate the MPG of your car yourself. You can get a much more accurate reading by calculating it yourself rather than relying on others’ experience. See, as said above, MPG varies greatly from place to place and driver to driver.

For example, a driver in Southern California that drives only in town will find a Toyota Tacoma V6 will yield roughly 14 MPG. The same type of city-only driver in Florida might be seeing close to 17MPG in the city. There are tons of hills in SoCal, hence cars in town tend to do worse MPG than in flat plain regions.

Of course, the quality of the gas, condition of the car, tire inflation and how heavy is the driver’s foot has a lot to do with it too. Percentage of freeway driving, luggage in the car, weight of the passengers… the variables are endless.

The bottom line

So… What’s the MPG of my car? The bottom line is this: You need to calculate it yourself to get a true reading. How to best do this then? Easy. We have clear instructions on the our preferred method here:

How to Calculate MPG by Miles per Gallon Pumped

Read that, practice it and you can easily calculate the true MPG of your car at every fill up. Jot the number down on the receipt and you can keep a tab of the miles per gallon trends of your car throughout the year.

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