Cbad Cars Twenty Fourteen Car Show Pictures

Cbad Cars - Car Show Photos Early 2014

Cbad Cars, otherwise known as Cars and Coffee Carlsbad has been better than ever. With the amazing SoCal winter weather there has been little excuse to attend – Even during the holidays. Sunny and warm is perfect weather for car show pictures.

Take your time to look at the photos – 40 images of awesomeness. Let your friends know if you see them or their car. If you are part of one of the clubs, share this story on your club’s favorite forum.

With Tacos & Tuners temporarily on hold, car enthusiasts in North County San Diego have to get their fix. Time to not be lazy and be at Cbad by 7am.

So here we are, only a few weeks into 2014. RallyWays has been looking at things a little differently. We’ve realized over the past few months that these car meets are as much about the awesome cars as they are about the people who own them. Like we did with our recent Cars and Coffee Irvine in Black and White photo essay, we’re focusing a little bit more on the people that make these car meets a success.

We love it when you guys get involved because RallyWays would be nothing without you…

In the last few months, with our success on Instagram, we’ve been approached by more and more people that have either seen their cars in the photo feed, or would like to see their cars. This is great. We love it. This means we are doing something right. We love it when you guys get involved because RallyWays would be nothing without you, the car enthusiasts.

Additionally, with Facebook getting more and more “impossible” we are sharing many of our photos exclusively on our website. We take pride in our work and put a lot of effort in our productions. For this reason, posting these photos to our Facebook page to have only 10% of you see them unless we pay Facebook gets old fast. That doesn’t mean we won’t continue to support Facebook, we’ll just post the best stuff to our website.

Anyway, back on topic, as you can see from the photos, the turnout lately is huge and rather eclectic. It was nice to see that big group of modded Mitsubishi Evos – We love the Evo X and unfortunately they are not very welcome at C&C Irvine. Looks like the APR Carbon Fiber Wing is quite popular on the X. Lots of those. The group of Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ was also quite impressive.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary  with Fuchs Style Wheels

For us, the highlight of the meet was the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary. Wow that thing is amazing. While people always prefer “owned” cars over dealer cars, when a dealer brings something as special as this, everyone is all the better for it. This thing has modernized Fuchs wheels, a beautifully rare off-white/egg shell color and houndstooth seats. It hints to the original Porsche 901 that started the whole thing over 50 years ago. By the way, the price tag starts at $125,000.

We can go on and on about the cars but we’ll let the photos do the talking. After all, this post is supposed to be part of our “Quickblog” – So let’s keep it short.

However, we’d like to ask something of you, our friends and readers. If you see a photo of your friend, or your friend’s car here, please let them know. Either email your friend the link, share to Facebook and tag them, share to Twitter, post a screenshot to Instagram, whatever. This is all for you and about you, so might as well right?

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For all the details on Cbad Cars you can visit the RallyWays Cbad Cars Event Page.

See below for the rest of the images not in the top gallery. Click on any to make bigger.

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