Semi-Lucky Lamborghini Countach Road Photos

Lamborghini Countach Road Photos Cover

Sometimes you just get lucky. I spent the entire morning photographing Lambos, including this Countach. On the way back South, it caught up with me on the freeway. The result… These Lamborghini Countach road photos.

I know better than to put my camera away after I’m done with a show. Even so, I forget sometimes. Today I did that very thing. After leaving the Newport Beach Lamborghini Super Car Show in Costa Mesa I headed South on the 405, tired and hungry. I thought I was done, so my camera was stashed away in my camera bag on the passenger’s seat. Usually, it’s sitting next to me, lens cap off, set to shutter priority and ready to shoot.

But before the best shots, here are some photos of the car before I left…

Lamborghini Countach Nose

Lamborghini Countach Interior

Lamborghini Countach Rear

A few minutes after getting on the 405 freeway I take a glance in my rearview mirror and I spot the same red Lamborghini Countach that was at the super car show. My heart jumped and I nearly spit it out when I realized my camera was stashed away.

I frantically pulled the camera out of the bag and did my best to select my preferred settings for rolling shots. After waiting what felt like 10 minutes for my Miata’s über-slow electric window to roll down, I set up for a few shots as the Countach rolled past.

I sprayed quite a bit in hopes to grab the shot. The gentleman in the Lambo must have realized what I was doing. He may have also recognized me from the show. Great thing because he stuck next to me for a couple of miles instead of leaving me in his dust.

I managed the shots featured here. Admittedly, I could have dialed in the camera a little better. However, for not being ready, I’m pretty happy with the results. One thing I could’ve definitely done better was to set a better angle for my new B+W circular polarizer. I would’ve achieved nicer, bluer skies.

Lamborghini Countach Rolling 1

Lamborghini Countach Rolling 2

Lamborghini Countach Rolling Past

My friend Ted 7 who was shooting at the event as well is not too happy. I’ve yet to ask him, but I think the Countach is his very favorite car in the world… and it just so happened to find me on the road. Next one Ted.

But there it is. I even added one of the photos to the RallyWays Car Photography Portfolio – reserved only for our favorite shots. In the title I say “semi-lucky” because it wasn’t all simply based on luck. Being in the right place at the right time sure felt like it. I didn’t have to find the Countach, the Countach found me.

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