Car Shows in SoCal – Car Show Sundays Old California Restaurant Row

Lotus Elise Front

It was a weekend of many car shows in Southern California for me. I was pretty much car-showed-out by Sunday night.

On Friday evening, I spent a good 4 hours doing a mini-detail job on my 2011 NC Miata to get ‘er ready for the weekend’s shows. The following morning my friend Mike and I were on the 5 North, headed to Orange County for Cars and Coffee Irvine. Go here for photos from that event.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Then on Sunday, after managing to keep the car spotless clean all day, I headed over to Old California Restaurant Row for what I believe they call, “Car Club Sundays” or maybe “Car Show Sunday.” Something like that, I’m not sure. Still, it was a pretty cool show with many more classics and hot rods than the typical exotics in OC. Of course, there was also a good share of Ferraris, Lambos and the like. The staff (volunteers?) managing the show was very courteous and cooperative. One of the guys found me a perfect spot for my NC MX5 near the Lotus in the pics, an Audi R8 and the tight group of Ferraris that ranged from a 458 Italia, to a F430 Escuderia to a F355 Berniletta.

While a little bit hot, given it’s held mid-day (and this summer was stupid hot), the event turned out to be real fun. Mike brought his black 1991 Corvette ZR-1 which didn’t see the Irvine show until 2 weeks later. His ZR-1’s a pretty neat car and it’s in pristine shape – low miles and all. He’s got a couple of other sports cars, some newer, but he prefers to bring the ZR-1 to the shows… As newer Corvettes are a bit of a dime a dozen. Hard to argue with that.

Most of the pics in the collection of photos below were taken with a GoPro HD Hero camera – so, lots wide-angle shots.

I’m looking forward to attending this show again in the near future. It’s held the first Sunday of every month. A search online only brought up a small page hosted by Old California Restaurant Row with some info about the event. See it here. Looking thru the little slideshow they have on that page, looks like my car made it on there. I think they probably need a full website dedicated to the event.

They do have a Facebook page:

Needless to say, there is never a shortage of car shows in Southern California.

Update: RallyWays now has an official event page for Car Show Sundays Restaurant Row.

Below is a video created by the event organizers…

Ferrari 458 Italia Front
The amazing Ferrari 458 Italia.
Ferrari 458 Italia Brakes
Yellow calipers and enormous size means business.
Ferrari 458 Italia Engine
Too bad it doesn’t come with a stick.
Ferrari F430 Escuderia Yellow
Because not all cool Ferraris are red.
Ferrari F430 Escuderia GoPro Shot
Extreme GoPro wide angle Ferrari F430 Escuderia.
Lamborghini Gallardo GoPro Hero 2
Lotus Elise Front
The wide lens GoPro makes the Lotus look bigger than it is.
Lotus Elise
This awesome little Lotus Elise has seen quite a bit of track time.
Lotus Elise Interior
Quite a tight cockpit in the Lotus Elise. Big guys… well…
Lotus Elise Rear
An impressive car no matter the angle.
C3 Corvette
Real clean C3 Corvette at Car Club Sundays.
Hot Rod Pickup Truck
Got flames?
Hot Rod Pickup Truck Engine
Lots and chrome and hours upon hours of work.
Hot Rod Pickup Truck Interior
Just look at that shifter!
1966 Cadillac DeVille
Awesome and pristine 1966 Cadillac DeVille.
1966 Cadillac DeVille Red Interior
Red is cool and you know it.
Shelby Cobra
Amazing piece of automotive engineering. Shelby Cobra.
Mazda Miata NC
My Miata!
Lamborghini Gallardo
Amazing Lamborghini Gallardo in “I go too fast red.”
1991 Corvette ZR-1
My buddy’s black 1991 pristine ZR-1.
Alfa Romeo Spider
Mean and green Alfa Romeo Spider.
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta
Sweet Ferrari F355 Berlinetta – 1995-ish I’m sure.
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Rear
Here’s the back of that 355. Oh yes, I scramble the license plates.

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