April 2013 Editor’s Corner – RallyWays Reinvented

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You might have noticed, there was no March 2013 Editor’s Corner. We were very busy. Too busy. We recently launched a full-redesign of the RallyWays website.

This redesign is not merely skin-deep. It is a complete overhaul and reinvention of the RallyWays brand. Our website now runs on a completely new framework designed to enhance your experience as a subscriber. Images are now larger, yet load faster. Text is designed to be easier to read and more inviting. More importantly, the entire experience throughout RallyWays has been improved.

We are now running a full blog with our main stories. To encourage more frequent updates we’ve also created Quickblog. Quickblog is a section of our site that allows us to post quick stories and updates that we would previously not post because we’d consider them too short for our main stories.

RallyWays now includes a Specialty section where we will focus on specific cars. We’re going to begin publishing articles for the Mazda MX-5 Miata and for classic Porsches. But, since these are very specific cars, we are keeping that section separate from our blog and Quickblog in order to not bother our readers who are not interested in our specialty cars. Additionally, we now have listings for our favorite local car shows and events. Again, these are in their own section specifically for the SoCal locals while our countrywide and international readers can enjoy the general stories separately.

Wait, there’s more

The newness does not stop there. This redesign took many months to complete. We’ve expanded our reach to all major social networks. You can find links to our entire social network coverage in the footer. We’ve added a photography portfolio and a new Star Cars department to feature local stand out cars. You might also notice we re-engineered all of our departments to better categorize our awesome content.

The other BIG NEWS is we have changed our email update provider. While our RSS feed will continue to work, we encourage all our readers to subscribe by email. Now we will be updating all our subscribers with every new story directly to their inbox. You will never miss a new story again.

You will continue to receive our sporadic email newsletter, but you will notice it now looks like our beautiful new site. However, you will also receive blog updates the second they are posted. In the future we will look into segmenting our email list for specialty topics, newsletter and blog updates. But for now, due to the complexity, we will be running only 1 list.

Talk to us

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write and let us know. Given we are using a brand new email newsletter provider, to ensure you receive all our updates, make sure to add us to your safe list.

We’re VERY excited with this new chapter for RallyWays and we are very pleased to have you be a part of it. To be a part of RallyWays all you have to do is Subscribe for FREE.

One last thing… We created a new page to help new visitors become familiar with RallyWays. For that, START HERE.

— Danny Cruz

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