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2014 Ford Focus ST Review First Hand Experience

Ford Focus ST Review Cover

The 2014 Ford Focus ST is a turbo hatchback with bold looks and a lot of power to back up that image. It's big enough to carry things yet nimble and sporty to make for the perfectly practical fun daily driver. Let's look at it in more detail in this, … [Read more]

The Top 5 Instagram Car Accounts

The Top 5 Instagram Car Accounts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how massive Instagram is. It’s huge for any topic under the sun. One of those topics is… cars. These are the top 5 Instagram car accounts. Instagram has morphed into a big ecosystems where car … [Read more]

How to Perform a Custom Shift Knob Conversion

How to Perform a Custom Shift Knob Conversion for a Different Car

Wouldn’t it be easier if all car makers used the same thread pitch for their shift knobs? Since this isn’t the case, we’ll talk about how to perform a custom shift knob conversion to make your favorite shifter knob fit a different car. I have … [Read more]

Affordable Sports Cars: Miata vs BRZ Comparison

Miata vs BRZ Affordable Sports Cars

When it comes to affordable sports cars, the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS have been rocking the car world with outstanding rear wheel drive performance at a modest price point. However, the GT86 twins are new and did not define the genre. For this … [Read more]

Ford Fiesta ST Review Pocket Rocket Post Drive

Ford Fiesta ST Review Cover

The Ford Fiesta ST is a lightweight turbocharged little hatchback with an engine and transmission built in the United Kingdom. It is the very definition of a hot-hatch and one that made its way over the pond. For that, we are very happy. Even if it … [Read more]

Miatas Galore Project G Annual Miata Meet 2014

Project G Annual Meet 2014

The are 3 types of Miata owners... The old farts that like their Miatas stock, the young ones that tune the crap out of them and the racers. While each type of Miata owner will often cross those boundaries, for the most part, each type is rather … [Read more]

OMG! Another Retrobuilt Shelby GT500 – 1969 Fastback

Retrobuilt 1969 2014 Shelby GT500 Cover

Here we have a 1969 Shelby GT500. It also happens to be a 2014 Shelby GT500. How can it be both at the same time? Retrobuilt. That's how. Read on… Last year we featured this car's older brother, a Retrobuilt 1969 Shelby GT500 Convertible. That car … [Read more]

Best Social Media Sites for Cars

RallyWays Photo Collage - Social Media Sites for Cars

Social media is a big deal is pretty much every industry. No surprise then that it's hugely important in the car industry. There's a reason why nearly every company in the car enthusiast world has a Facebook page and every day a kid starts a brand … [Read more]

Significant Auto Industry Changes in 2014

New Ford F-150 Cover

Besides the “typical” yearly updates, like the introduction of new models or new features, 2014 may go down in history as a turning point in the world of transportation. There are significant auto industry changes this year. Read on to see … [Read more]

Cars and Coffee Irvine Pictures in Black and White

Cars and Coffee Irvine in Black and White

The combination of sensory overload at Cars and Coffee Irvine makes waking up at four in the morning a non-issue. The more you attend, the more you see things you didn't know were there. The details make it special and these details are impossible to … [Read more]